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Permanent Makeup FAQ's


Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do permanent makeup services hurt?

A: Pain level is very minimal; I use a topical numbing gel throughout the service to keep you comfortable. Some clients even fall asleep during their service after being numbed.

Q: How do you choose the color of pigment? 

A: For brow services I will choose the color based off of your natural hair color and your skin undertones. 

For lip blush, the color will be chosen based off of your preference and your natural lip color. 

Q: Will I look crazy during the healing process? 

A: Not at all! With all services you may have some scabbing or peeling, this only lasts a couple days and just looks like dry skin. 

Q: What do I need to avoid before my appointment? 

A: 2 Weeks before appointment avoid tweezing/waxing your eyebrows (for brow services), chemical peels, Botox or fillers. 1 week before avoid tanning or spray tanning. 24 hours before any service avoid alcohol, pain relievers like ibuprofen, and vitamins that thin your blood such as fish oil or vitamin e. Morning of please avoid caffeine.

Q: What if I want to change the style, color or shape later in life? 

A: Permanent makeup is meant to fade over time for this reason. If you don't come in for touch ups it will fade more each year allowing you to change styles or shapes when you're ready.

Permanent makeup does not usually fade completely away. 

Q: How do I choose which style of permanent makeup eyebrows are best for me? 

A: If you are unsure which style of brows to choose, a complimentary consultation can be scheduled to go over options. Here is a breakdown of how to choose the right style:

-Wanting a very natural look? Microblading, nanobrows or a soft powder brow would be best. 

-If you have dry skin any style can be great.

-If you can combination or oily skin any style except for microblading is recommended. 

Q: What tools are used for the permanent makeup services?

A: For powder brows, nanobrows, and lip blush, a rotary machine is used with a needle cartridge. A whipping technique is used to shade the brows or lips. 

For microblading a handheld microblade is used to create hair-like strokes. 


Have more questions before commiting to permanent makeup? Feel free to text, email or message me on Instagram! I’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. FREE permanent makeup consultations are available, you can schedule by clicking the “book now” button!

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